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Referral Agencies

To the right is a list of some of the local agencies who are able to provide foodbank vouchers.
You can also visit the foodbank directly for further information.

In order to provide the most effective help for your situation, we work with local agencies that can assess your circumstances and offer you a referral to us where appropriate.  Operating in this way enables us to target our short term emergency food support to those whose needs are most urgent.

The referring agent will request that you share some basic information, to identify the cause of your crisis, offer practical guidance and complete the voucher. The referral agent may also provide long term support to help address some of the reasons for your crisis.

If the agent feels you are unable to provide food for your household, they may issue you with an emergency voucher to redeem at your local foodbank. To the right is list of local organisations that provide a referral service to Bicester Food Bank. We recommend contacting the Citizens Advice national helpline in the first instance.

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